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Overall Ranking: T-5th/19



Streetsville is the Yin to Central Erin Mills’ Yang. Read up on Central Erin Mills and if it isn’t quite for you, you’re probably a Streetsvillian at heart. Dubbed “The Village in the City” Streetsville is defined by its “Main Street” downtown strip and older, ecletic mix of housing. In my opinion, Streetsville is the most desirable neighbourhood in the north of Mississauga. Its residents are certainly more mature, but we’re beginning to see a slight shift in younger families as new-age buyers are beginning to take more chances on older, bungalow-style homes with more generous lot sizes.



There are lots of charming Streetsville real estate options. 1 1/2 and 2 storeys, backsplits, sidesplits, bungalows and raised bungalows make Streetsville far from a cookie-cutter development. For those who want to add their flair, take on an older home (heck – knock it down and build a custom one like many others have done!) and upgrade it or walk into one fully upgraded. Be prepared to have a sizeable budget for a starter home in Streetsville.


Walk + Drive

Streetsville only scored lower on this category because it’s a bit more reliant on the unreliant Highway 401. However, that’s really the only drawback. For the downtown commuters, you have the Streetsville GO station that runs on the Milton line (read more about it in Lisgar’s Walk+Drive Score category) and takes you downtown in less than 45 minutes. And Streetsville is one of only a couple of neighbourhoods that has a downtown strip of shops, bars, and restaurants. You’ll also enjoy the annual parades (Canada Day, Bread & Honey) and the great Vic Park just a few minutes away!


School Quality

Streetsville boasts the #2 elementary school in the city – Vista Heights! This is a school that every parent is aiming to send their child to. It’s a fantastic French-Immersion based school that leads to a good middle school (Dolphin Sr.) and high school (Streetsville SS).

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Vista Heights PS

Cementing it’s place at #2 in the rankings, Vista Heights PS has long established itself as one the premier schools in not only Mississauga but all of Peel region…
Full Vista Heights School Report

Britannia PS

Britannia encompasses a large portion of Streetsville FI students. It also continues to chug along with another great year and remains in the Top 25 Schools in Mississauga.
Full Britannia School Report

Ray Underhill PS

Well outside the Top 50 Schools in Mississauga, Ray Underhill’s school boundary is certainly affordable and puts very close to the heart of Streetsville, but the obvious choice for those with one is to go with Vista Heights. Hopefully Ray Underhill PS can turn things around very soon.

Willow Way PS

Willow Way PS continues to rate abysmally and I haven’t the first clue why. They are well, well outside of the Top 50 and there aren’t any demographic, socio-economic, or special program reasons that I can even begin to help theorize as to why it has underperformed so much.

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Or read about Mississauga’s Top 5 Middle Schools and Mississauga’s Top 5 High Schools!


The Lifestyle

Dubbed “The Village in the City”, Streetsville is the perfect mix of comfort and activity. On “the strip” you can find all kinds of restaurants and bars along with tons of everyday services. Just behind the main street is Vic Park and trails for families to enjoy. Streetsville has something for everyone.

Who's Next Door?

Turnover in Streetsville is very low as those who move into the area never want to leave. That has left pockets of older families and empty nesters around the area. However, there have been some new homes built in the past 15 years and many young professionals and young families have saved up to make the move into the semi-affordable homes in Streetsville.

The Homes

Streestville real estate includes 1 1/2 and 2 storeys, backsplits, sidesplits, bungalows and everything in between. There are some small pockets of towns and semis near the GO station as well for the budget-conscious homeowner. However, for a “long-term” move be prepared to have a sizeable budget for a starter home in Streetsville.

The Commute

There is a GO station right in the heart of Streetsville for downtown commuters and for those going west, Hwy 401 is very close by. One thing to keep in mind is train service is more infrequent on the Streetsville/Milton line than the Lakeshore line so plan accordingly. 

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

The Big Backyard

You are looking for homes with more generous lot sizes.

Great Main Street

You love taking your family out once a week to eat and play!

Downtown Commuter

You work downtown and want to live right next to a GO station.

You Won't Want To IF...

On a Budget

Your budget is tight and you want a detached, turn-key home.

Catholic Schools

You are looking for Catholic schools.

Little Suburbia

You are looking for a younger, more suburban neighbourhood.

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