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Relocating to Mississauga

What are the best neighbourhoods for relocating to Mississauga? What areas should be avoided? What are the best schools in Mississauga? Where is the best access to highways and amenities? Where are the best parks?

These are the most asked questions when people are moving to Mississauga and the god-honest answer is that it depends on many, many factors. 

The typical person relocating to Mississauga goes through several stages…

I had a client who wanted to relocate from Burlington to Mississauga. Initially they were okay with anywhere along the Lakeshore GO line as that would be the fastest way to get them to their job in downtown Toronto.

The only problem is they were unaware of how expensive the Lakeshore neighbourhoods in Mississauga could be so they eventually opened their search to neighbourhoods north of the QEW but wanted to stay south of the 403 so they could be within a 10-minute drive of the Lakeshore GO line. 

But then they realized that they preferred the housing types north of the 403 in Mississauga’s more newer neighbourhoods, so they wanted to expand the search even more. In two shorts weeks, they had gone from a very specific set of criteria to considering the entire city of Mississauga.

Now, Mississauga is a very big place. We want to narrow that focus again or else it’ll become a very difficult process to choose the right neighbourhood and home. But, first, we had to break down that client’s expectations and build it back up because they were unfamiliar with the city.

Once we did that, we were able to focus on what the highest priority items were and found them a great home in a great neighbourhood within their budget.

So, what should I be considering when relocating to Mississauga?

1) Getting a firm understanding of your affordability

The most common answer I hear to the question of “have you been preapproved for a mortgage?” is definitely “Not yet, but the money isn’t an issue!”

Let me tell you right off the bat, the money is always an issue. So, before you begin looking into homes in different neighbourhoods, make a quick call to your bank and get at the very least a solid idea of your range within $50K.

The difference between that $50K is actually quite significant. That can mean getting that detached house you always wanted or settling for the semi-detached and waiting again to save up and upgrade in the future.

It can mean the difference between getting your child into a top-ranked school zone. Or it can mean the difference between getting into that perfect home without having to be on a major road or backing onto a train track.

Now that we’ve tackled that issue, here are some resources for you to read up on:

2) Prioritizing your needs

In the example above I talked about the client not having a firm grasp on what was important to them. At one point it was the location, then it was the neighbourhood and schools, and eventually it became the type of home they were interested in.

To save yourself time, it’s really important to nail down the order of your priorities. Not sure what’s most important to you? Well read up on all of the neighbourhoods in Mississauga:

What are the best neighbourhoods in Mississauga?

3) Working with a local expert

Maybe you’re not ready to move just yet and you’ve gone through some of the information on this site, but you’re looking for more. 

The first thing I always suggest is to simply reach out by email or phone – whichever you’re most comfortable.

Or maybe you’ve read some of the neighbourhood information and are still not sure which neighbourhoods are best. Then I’d suggest filling out the Lifestyle Match form. There you can give as much detail as you want and I can suggest some neighbourhoods to keep a closer eye on in your search.

Finally, if you’re trying to get a better understanding of how much homes cost in Mississauga, then sign up for an MLS listings match. You just have to put in some basic information (along with any extra info you feel is relevant) and I’ll start sending you listings that match that criteria. 

This way you know that you’re getting fresh listings instead of dated ones that live on for years on other sites. 

There is a ton of great information on this site for those relocating to Mississauga. Please use it as a resource and when you’re ready to work with a local expert, I’ll be here waiting to show you more about the great city of Mississauga!

I’m Mike. I created this website. I'm a real estate sales representative, but I’m a consumer behaviourist at heart. I like to understand what makes people tick and find out what’s really important to them. I value honesty and integrity over everything. I’m fiercely competitive and loyal and view myself more as a consultant than salesperson. In my free time I’m a registered sportsaholic and TV junkie.

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