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Rathwood – Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Where’s Rathwood Located? 

Rathwood is located in east Mississauga north of Applewood, south of Hurontario, east of Square One and west of the Etobicoke border. Rathwood is virtually indistinguishable from its southern neighbour Applewood and shares most of the same features and characteristics.

The Neighbourhood of Rathwood

Rathwood is very similar to that of its neighbour Applewood. In fact, it’s really difficult to differentiate where one begins and the other ends. They share the same amenities, housing mix, and, for the most part, affordability. The key difference between the two is that Rathwood lies to the north of Applewood which makes a difference in terms of its accessibility to the rest of Mississauga and Toronto.

Aerial shot of Applewood/Rathwood.

Rathwood is one of Mississauga’s most matures areas and more established families are making this their next “move up” neighbourhood. Many families are ditching less traditional homes and opting for the functionality of side and backsplits. These are better for entertaining and generally provide much better lot sizes for a growing family.

Rathwood, like its neighbour Applewood, tends to do the same thing to new visitors – its charm sneaks up on you. Parks are aplenty and every evening in the summer they are bustling. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time to a time when everyone got out on their bikes and played on the street for hours until dinner.

Rathwood Real Estate

Rathwood real estate has almost every style of home. The majority are 60/70s built bungalows and traditional 2-storey homes. Separate entrances and basement apartments are common as residents have built them in over the year to turn them into income properties. Be prepared to spend $600K on the low end, $750+ for a renovate, turn-key bungalow in some of Rathwood’s nicest spots.

Rathwood real estate differs from Applewood only slightly in that it offers a bit more in terms of more affordable options at the townhouse and semi-detached level. Under $550K is more readily available here, however homeowners should be willing to invest a bit in their new home if they’re looking for it to be truly turn-key. Properties close to Square One are a bit newer and more affordable than the ones further east towards Etobicoke.

Rathwood homes are slightly different than Applewood in that there isa bigger array of 2-storey detached homes built in the 80s. They’re more of the “traditional” home that we’re accustomed to versus the splits and bungalows of the 50s and 60s.

Rathwood is a more mature, established neighbourhood with many long-time residesnts. There is a strong Eastern and Western European community similar to what you would find in Etobicoke. As a second-time buyer neighbourhood, the average family age tends to skew higher.

Rathwood Schools

Rathwood also shares its schools with Applewood at both the middle and high school level. which means it boasts the #1 middle school (Tomken Middle) and has one of Mississauga’s most intriguing high schools in Applewood SS which provides TONS of specialty programs for its students. I’d also like to note that Rathwood houses one of the best Catholic elementary schools in Mississauga.

Public Elementary Schools include:

*For information on Middle, Secondary or Catholics schools please contact me directly.

Commuting & Retail in Rathwood

Located in the east end of Mississauga, it’s an easy commute for those wanting to stay close to all parts of Toronto with Dixie GO station just minutes away.

Rathwood is also located very close to the Square One City Centre. Along with Applewood, Rathwood does have a great mix of parks which are constantly filled with activities, sports, and families.

Is Rathwood Right For You?

Are you looking for a more mature, established community? Are you looking for a home with great lot sizes? Do you need easy access to retail like the Square One City Centre?

If yes, Rathwood may be a good landing spot for you and your family. From here you have three options:

1) Contact me directly with any other questions about Rathwood.

2) If you aren’t completely sure if Rathwood is for you, then let me match you with the right neighbourhood that fits your budget and lifestyle criteria by filling in the GTAWestLiving Lifestyle Match Form.

3) Or if you’re ready to get started you can fill in the form to start receiving MLS Listings.


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  1. Hi Mike. Curious about which school you mentioned being “the best catholic elementary school in Mississauga”?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Michelle,

      At the time of writing I was referring to Sts. Marthy and Mary which was ranked the #1 Catholic elementary school in Mississauga. Since then their EQAO scores have fallen off quite a bit and they got pushed back a few spots, but still maintain a Top 10 ranking.

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