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Mississauga Elementary School Rankings

If you’re a parent or aspiring to be one, school quality is one of the most important criteria when searching for a home. Which school your child attends depends almost entirely on where you live (called a catchment area). This means one street can make the difference between a top-ranked and lower-ranked school.

Below, you will find Mississauga’s elementary school rankings for the Top 40 schools in Mississauga. One thing to keep in mind is that these rankings are solely based on EQAO scores. The EQAO is the organization that administers school testing in Ontario. The tests are provided to Grade 3 (primary) and Grade 6 (junior) students only. Therefore, I advise you to take more into consideration than just the overall score, as many things can influence a school’s ranking.

That’s why it’s important to work with a real estate agent who truly understands the city, the neighbourhoods, the amenities and all the things that make Mississauga special. Contact me HERE with any questions.

Mississauga's Top 40 Public Elementary Schools

The top 40 public Mississauga elementary school rankings are listed below. You can click on each to see a full review along with their 5-year EQAO score. For middle or high school rankings, you can check out the articles on Mississauga’s Top 5 Middle Schools and Mississauga’s Top 5 High Schools.

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