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Mineola – Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Where’s Mineola Located? 

Mineola is located in south Mississauga east of Port Credit, west of Lakeview and south of Cooksville separated by the QEW. Mineola is part of the desirable, yet often unattainable, set of south Mississauga neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood of Mineola

Mineola is one of Mississauga’s ultimate “move up” neighbourhoods. Its streets boast multi-million dollar homes, custom builds, and give off that “cottage in the city” type feel. Mineola is ideally located with access to the City Centre, QEW, and Lakeshore within minutes, but is tucked away, quiet, and tranquil. Mineola has a great balance of picturesque streets, parks and access to the Credit River. That’s why it’s one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in Mississauga.

Here is one of Mineola’s many custom built homes. You can actually see to the left a smaller, older home that will likely one day be torn down for another custom build in the increasingly expensive neighbourhood.

Mineola shares most of its lifestyle aspects with neighbouring Lorne Park and Port Credit. You go to the Lakeshore to enjoy the restaurants and shops and to the gorgeous streets and parks that fill the old cottage getaways of old Mississauga.

Mineola Real Estate

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that Mineola real estate expensive. However, not every home in Mineola is a $1.5 million custom build home. There are plenty of pockets of more standard homes and inbetween all the custom builds you’ll find the older bungalows that haven’t been replaced yet.

Mineola is not completely an exclusive enclave of millionaires. There are plenty of homes that are affordable however the prices for them are way above what you would find in other areas because the lot values of these places are sky-high due to the demand that has built up for people to purchase them and build their dream home.

In reality, Mineola will continue to get more expensive. There’s really no other way to put it. But for those who aren’t afraid of a little handy work, there are older-style bungalows that can be had for under $700K. You will definitely be sacrificing space and luxury at first, but getting into this neighbourhood alone is a great investment.

Here are a couple of examples of the older homes in Mineola that haven’t been replace by custom builds but have been renovated by their owners intstead.

Simply put, Mineola is one of Mississauga’s richest neighbourhoods. What you’ll find is here a mixture of older, long-time residents (those first here when Mississauga was built and homes passed down) and mature professionals and their families making their dream move.

Mineola Schools

Do you care about school quality? Then you’ve chosen the best neighbourhood possible. Mineola boasts the #1 and #3 BEST elementary schools in Mississauga! On top of that, your children will then move on to Port Credit SS, one of the best secondary schools in Mississauga. If you want the best possible education in Mississauga, Mineola should be at the top of your list!

Public Elementary Schools include:

*For information on Middle, Secondary or Catholics schools please contact me directly.

Commuting & Retail in Mineola

Located in the south end of Mississauga, it’s an easy commute for those wanting to stay close to all parts of Toronto with a GO station located just off Lakeshore. You have ideal access to the QEW and City Centre as well.

Now, you can’t walk to the places you can in Port Credit, but a short drive connects you with more of Mississauga than if you were further south in the city. Sometimes that extra 5-10 minutes can make all the difference in the world. Don’t expect any big box stores nearby…you’ll have to venture out of this area to do the grocery shopping or hit the hardware store.

Is Mineola Right For You?

Are you looking for the absolute best schools in Mississauga? Are you looking for a quiet neighbourhood that also has easy commuting option? Do you have the budget to get you into one of Mississauga’s most prestigious neighbourhoods? 

If yes, Mineola may be a good landing spot for you and your family. From here you have three options:

1) Contact me directly with any other questions about Mineola.

2) If you aren’t completely sure if Mineola is for you, then let me match you with the right neighbourhood that fits your budget and lifestyle criteria by filling in the GTAWestLiving Lifestyle Match Form.

3) Or if you’re ready to get started you can fill in the form to start receiving MLS Listings.

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