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Overall Ranking: 19th/19



Meadowvale Village real estate is one of the best “bang for your buck” in the city. It has young, 2-storey detached and semi-detached homes along with a good array of town and condo townhomes. Due to the aircraft noise warning zone, home values here are definitely lower than they would be in other parts of the city. Again, if you can see past that you are getting extraordinarily good value in Meadowvale Village.



Meadowvale Village is the northernmost area of Mississauga (outside of Malton) and borders the City of Brampton. It’s also one of the youngest neighbourhoods in Mississauga with the majority of its homes under 20 years old. So, you might wonder why its score has suffered so much. Well, I’ll be honest, most of Meadowvale Village falls within an “Aircraft Noise Warning” zone. That alone has caused many to rule it out and that may be a bit unfair to the still blossoming neighbourhood. Still, if you’ve lived in these areas before and it doesn’t bother you in the slightest then feel free to reap the rewards the rest of Meadowvale Village offers.


Walk + Drive

Meadowvale Village boasts easy access to one of Mississauga’s largest work centres that hosts quite a few Fortune 500 companies. That includes easy access to both Highways 407 and 401 and the neighbouring City of Brampton. It also has a good mix of traditional retail you’d expect out of a suburban neighbourhood. Where it lacks is its access to the rest of Mississauga and its reliance on Highway 401.


School Quality

Meadowvale Village is one of the top school zones in Mississauga. In fact, all three of its elementary schools are in the TOP 25 Elementary Schools in Mississauga. The middle school, David Leeder, is also ranked in the TOP 5 Middle Schools in Mississauga. This is a very impressive feat for a neighbourhood that is still in its infancy.

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Levi Creek PS

Levi Creek is the highest rated in Meadowvale Village and has cracked into the Top 10 after knocking on the door for a couple of years now. They are certainly a school on the rise and I expect them to hold their place for the foreseeable future.
Full Levi Creek School Report

Meadovale Village PS

Meadowvale Village PS cracks the Top 20 holding firm at #18 despite a 7% decrease in its 5-year EQAO score. That’s not concerning as that’s a fairly small percentage decrease and Meadowvale Village PS had set their bar pretty high in previous years. This is still an amazing option for parents.
Meadowvale Village School Report

Derry West Village PS

Derry West Village rounds out the amazing list of schools in this neighbourhood by coming in at #21 on the back of a 13.4% increase in its 5-year EQAO score. While Levi Creek is the FI option, both Derry West and Meadowvale Village PS are incredible English-only track options.
Full Derry West Village Report

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Or read about Mississauga's Top 5 Middle Schools and Mississauga's Top 5 High Schools!


The Lifestyle

Meadowvale Village is look most suburban neighbourhoods that we’re accustomed to in Southern Ontario. There are large pockets of new residential with large commercial plazas sprinkled in to make our daily weekday lives extremely convenient. On weekends, head over to neighbouring Meadowvale for parks, trails and activities for families.

Who's Next Door?

Most of the new entrants are first-time home buyers looking to start a family in Mississauga. The rest are those that bought when the homes first built about 10-20 years ago. They’ve raised their families and are comfortable with the neighbourhood while enjoying its growth. Turnover isn’t any more frequent here than other neighbourhoods.

The Homes

I spoke above of the “bang for you buck” that you can get for Meadowvale Village real estate due to the neighbourhood being in an aircraft noise warning zone due to its proximity to the airport. If that’s not an issue for you, enjoy the large, spacious 2-storey detached homes here that are under 20 years old and provide everything you’ll need for a long-term stay for you and your family.

The Commute

If you work in Mississauga or Brampton, the commute will be relatively easy. If you work in Toronto your best bet is the 401 or if you don’t mind the tolls, the 407 is at your doorstep!

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

On a Budget

You want the most house for your money.

Best Schools

You truly value sending your kids to the best schools.

Only the Newest

You’re looking for homes under 15 years old.

You Won't Want To IF...

The Urban Life

You want a more vibrant, walkable neighbourhood. 

Aircraft Noise Warning

You cannot see yourself living in an aircraft noise warning zone.

Commute, Commute

You want easy access to a GO station and downtown Toronto.

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