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Meadowvale Village – Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Where’s Meadowvale Village Located? 

Meadowvale Village is located in north Mississauga east of Meadowvale and Streetsville, north of East Credit and south of Brampton separated by the 407. While people often consider Meadowvale Village and Meadowvale one large neighbourhood, they are actually very distinct in many respects.

The Neighbourhood of Meadowvale Village

Meadowvale Village is one of the youngest neighbourhoods in Mississauga in terms of real estate with the majority of its homes under 15 years old. The neighbourhood is essentially split up between its old historic area around the Meadowvale Conservation Area, the large business district just off the 401 and the new stretch of residential homes which is beginning to define it.

Meadowvale Village is also located fairly close to Pearson International Airport, so much of it falls within an “Aircraft Noise Warning” zone. That has caused many to rule it out and that may be a bit unfair to the still blossoming neighbourhood. If you’ve lived in these areas before and it doesn’t bother you in the slightest then feel free to reap the rewards the rest of Meadowvale Village offers which includes fantastic homes and great schools.

Meadowvale Village is home to one of Mississauga’s largest business centres located just off the 401 at Mississauga Road.
meadovale conservation area
This is the Meadowvale Conservation Area that is situated between the residential areas of Meadowvale Village. Photo credit to Zahid.

Meadowvale Village is like most suburban neighbourhoods that we’re accustomed to in Southern Ontario. There are large pockets of new residential with large commercial plazas sprinkled in to make our daily weekday lives extremely convenient. On weekends, head over to neighbouring Meadowvale for parks, trails and activities for families.

Meadowvale Village Real Estate

Meadowvale Village real estate is one of the best “bang for your buck” in the city. It has young, 2-storey detached and semi-detached homes along with a good array of town and condo townhomes. Due to the aircraft noise warning zone, home values here are definitely lower than they would be in other parts of the city. Again, if you can see past that you are getting extraordinarily good value in Meadowvale Village.

The “new” homes of Meadowvale Village are certainly much different than what you would find in the older part of neighbouring Meadowvale and Lisgar. As you can see these homes are more in line with the modern builds of new, large suburban residential areas.

Most of the new entrants to Meadowvale Village are first-time home buyers looking to start a family in Mississauga. The rest are those that bought when the homes first built about 10-15 years ago. They’ve raised their families and are comfortable with the neighbourhood while enjoying its growth. Turnover isn’t any more frequent here than other neighbourhoods.

Meadowvale Village Schools

Meadowvale Village is one of the top school zones in Mississauga. In fact, all three of its elementary schools are in the TOP 25 Elementary Schools in Mississauga. The middle school, David Leeder, is also ranked in the TOP 5 Middle Schools in Mississauga. This is a very impressive feat for a neighbourhood that is still in its infancy!

Public Elementary Schools include:

*For information on Middle, Secondary or Catholics schools please contact me directly.

Commuting & Retail in Meadowvale Village

Meadowvale Village boasts easy access to one of Mississauga’s largest work centres that hosts quite a few Fortune 500 companies. That includes easy access to both Highways 407 and 401 and the neighbouring City of Brampton. It also has a good mix of traditional retail you’d expect out of a suburban neighbourhood. 

Is Meadowvale Village Right For You?

Do you NEED to have a home under 15 years old? Are you looking for the best value for your money in terms of house size? Do you want to send your children to a top school in Mississauga?

If yes, Meadowvale Village may be a good landing spot for you and your family. From here you have three options:

1) Contact me directly with any other questions about Meadowvale Village.

2) If you aren’t completely sure if Meadowvale Village is for you, then let me match you with the right neighbourhood that fits your budget and lifestyle criteria by filling in the GTAWestLiving Lifestyle Match Form.

3) Or if you’re ready to get started you can fill in the form to start receiving MLS Listings.


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