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Overall Ranking: T-3rd/19


Walk + Drive

While Lisgar won the overall desirability score, Meadowvale is superior in this category. It has superior access to all amenities (including its own Town Centre) and still boasts its own GO station. The trains here run on the same line (Milton) and will have you downtown in under 50 minutes. Again, trains leave from 630-815am and return from 4-7pm. The extra point here also goes to the easier 401 access that Meadowvale provides over the 407. We all hate the 401 but we still use it because we refuse to pay the exorbitant rates of the 407. If you’re more of a commuter, Meadowvale is a superior option.



The boundary lines between Meadowvale and Lisgar are often blurred and many see these two neighbourhoods as the same in many respects. In fact, they’ve scored the same in my rankings. The main difference is that Meadowvale is a much older and mature neighbourhood with a very different housing mix. While people are flocking to the younger Lisgar at a faster rate, Meadowvale is still an attractive option because of its superior access to amenities like parks, schools, libraries, and community centres.



Meadowvale, along with Lisgar, is one of the most affordable neighbourhoods for a family looking for their first home or “move up” home. Meadowvale real estate prices haven’t jumped as quickly as neighbouring Lisgar because it boasts a very different housing mix. While Lisgar has younger, more traditional 2-storey homes, Meadowvale is an older relic with many more sidesplits, backsplits, and bungalows. That’s not to say you can’t find a traditional home (there are definitely plenty), but when looking on the MLS you may see a few odd-looking homes!


School Quality

The gem of Meadowvale is #7-ranked Plum Tree Park. It’s a great school that boasts one of the top French Immersion programs in Mississauga. The rest of the schools in Meadowvale are near the Mississauga average but are still great options. Perhaps the only school to avoid would be Plowman’s Park. At the high school level, Meadowvale residents share Meadowvale SS with residents from Lisgar. It’s a solid high school that draws in good students.

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Plum Tree Park PS

The pride of Meadowvale cementing their place in the Top 10 with another fabulous 5-year score and ranking #6 in the Top 25 Schools in Mississauga.
Full Plum Tree Report

Miller's Grove PS

Miller’s Grove saw an ENORMOUS increase in its scoring, so it’s something we’ll have to keep our eyes on…
Full Miller’s Grove Report

Shelter Bay PS

Shelter Bay PS has improved markedly in the past five years increasing their scores by over 21% to jump up to #43 in the rankings.

Plowman's Park PS

To be frank, this school has performed extremely poorly over the past few years and if you’re considering Meadowvale (which you should) there are certainly far better and safer choices in this neighbourhood.

Maple Wood PS

Maple Wood PS is an extreme case of a small sample size with less than 14 students qualifying at the Grade 3 level to write the EQAO…

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The Lifestyle

Meadowvale is one of the most active communities in Mississauga. Tons of parks and trails and the famous Lake Aquitaine bring families out every weekend. The Meadowvale Town Centre gives its residents all the amenities it could need on its doorstep.

The Commute

Meadowvale has one of the three major GO Train station stops in North Mississauga, so for those who work downtown, it’s your best alternative (unless you like sitting in traffic on the 401). Check out the walk drive section above for more details about your potential commute.

The Homes

Meadowvale is one of Mississauga’s most affordable neighbourhoods. Meadowvale real estate comes in all shapes and sizes. Most are within the 25-40 year-old range. Along with condos and condo towns, affordability is still a reality. Here you can still aim for the turn-key starter, detached home.

Who's Next Door?

Most of the new entrants are first-time home buyers looking to start a family in Mississauga. The rest are those that bought or upgraded to their second home 25-35 years ago. They’ve raised their families and are comfortable with the tranquility of the neighbourhood.

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

Commute, Commute

You work downtown and want to catch the GO or need easy access to the 401/Brampton.

Peace & Quiet

You enjoy a more tranquil, peaceful neighbourhood with TONS of parks.

On a Budget

You want the most house for your money.

You Won't Want to IF...

The Urban Life

You want a more vibrant neighbourhood with trendy shops and restaurants.

The Cookie Cutter

You are looking for a more traditional suburban neighbourhood aesthetic.

Brand Spankin' New

You are looking for homes that are under 15 years old.

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