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Overall Ranking: T-11th/19



Hurontario real estate encompasses many different lifestyle options. You have the older, yet affordable apartments, near the City Centre, with older detached homes and semis similar to what East Credit will likely soon become. Hurontario is also home to many of Mississauga’s small to mid-sized businesses, so it’s very possible many of you who are reading this work in the area. If you’re looking to invest in an area of Mississauga with loads of potential then Hurontario is a good bet.



Hurontario, as you might have guessed, is defined by Hurontario Street between Britannia and the 403. This stretch sees Hurontario lined with older condominiums and tons of detached and semi-detached options to the east at west ending towards Mavis and the 403 (this is where the 403 goes from East/West to North/South). Its tied together by the retail plazas at Hurontario/Eglinton just north of the City Centre. So, for those looking to be close to the Centre, but would prefer to be just outside of it, Hurontario is a solid option.


School Quality

Hurontario is a neighbourhood where, depending on the street you live on, you could be in either a high-ranked school or a bottom feeder. For instance, those south of Eglinton and west of Hurontario get slotted into the well-respected Huntington Ridge P.S., meanwhile east of Hurontario get slotted into #65 Nahani Way. For middle school, those west of Hurontario get into the #5-ranked Fairwind Sr, meanwhile those east get put into #14 (out of 18) Bristol Road Middle. It’s extremely important to pick the right pocket in Hurontario. It can mean a huge difference in the quality of education.


Walk + Drive

Hurontario has a good commute score because of its proximity to Highways 401 and 403 and of course because of the Hurontario LRT that runs all the way through Mississauga down to the Lake. With the City Centre so close by, residents benefit from a plethora of retail options as well.

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Barondale PS

Despite the low ranking of the overall family of schools, Barondale PS fared very well individually – coming in at #26 in the overall rankings. In fact, over the past 5 years, Barondale’s EQAO scores have risen by 8.5% – a very good and consistent rise in the rankings.
Full Barondale School Report

Huntington Ridge PS

Huntington Ridge PS is a part of the Applewood Heights family of schools. Huntington Ridge is one of two schools I’d aim for if you’re set on the neighbourhood of Hurontario. It’s been extremely consistent over the past five years which is always good to see out of a school.
Full Huntington Ridge School Report

Nahani Way PS

Nahani Way has performed below both the Peel and Mississauga average, but they have seen a slight increase in their performance over the past 5 years. For those with developmentally delayed children, Nahani Way has a program suited for their needs. Check with their administration for more details.

Cooksville Creek PS

While Cooksville has performed below both the Peel and Mississauga average, they have seen a slight increase in their performance over the past 5 years.

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Or read about Mississauga's Top 5 Middle Schools and Mississauga's Top 5 High Schools!


The Lifestyle

Hurontario can be hectic at times as the street is the main artery that runs through Mississauga and is going through constant improvement. However, beyond the main street you’ll find tons of pockets of quiet areas to call home. Add in the convenience of having the shopping and retail so close by along with easy highway access and you can understand why many choose Hurontario as a happy medium neighbourhood.

Who's Next Door?

Most of the new entrants are second-time buyers looking for the combination of convenience and affordability with maturing families. Others are newer immigrants or professionals occupying the condos that surround Hurontario street. Ethnicities are extremely mixed much like the rest of the central areas of the city.

The Homes

Hurontario real estate is a large mix of homes of varying shapes, sizes and ages. The oldest parts of Hurontario have large and affordable (relatively speaking) detached homes in the now approaching their 30s. Some newer townhomes have been built just off of Hurontario to complement the condos (both new and old). The affordability and convenience factor is a pretty good combination in Hurontario’s maturing and improving neighbourhood.

The Commute

This score will improve once plans are underway to build light-rail on Hurontario street. Once that officially happens, Hurontario will be even more relied upon to be artery of Mississauga. For now, you must still rely on a car and you have very easy access to both Highways 401 and 403. 

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

Work Centre

You work near Hurontario and the 401 and want an affordable option closer to work.

Retail & Quiet

You want to be closer to the life at the City Centre, but to escape it when you’re done with your errands.

Commute, Commute

You want easy access to Highways 401 and 403 and the LRT.

You Won't Want To IF...

The Best High School

You have children about to enter high school.

Need Lots of Green Space

Mississauga has loads of parks but Hurontario is a little shallow in this category.

You're Looking for "Cute"

Hurontario is incredibly practical and has lots of great pockets but isn’t known for its picturesque communities.

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