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Overall Ranking: T-8th/19



Erin Mills is a very large neighbourhood on the very west end of Mississauga. This poses one significant problem with the scoring, namely that it’s difficult to separate the good pockets from the not so good ones. However, with lots of experience helping families move into Erin Mills, I would aim for the very west end just east of the 403,  south in the Sheridan Park area or the north east part that’s considered Sawmill Valley. These are all fantastic areas with great homes that any family would be happy in.



There are some great and affordable Erin Mills real estate options. The Sawmill Valley area is one of my favourite in the city and absolutely perfect for the growing family. This is where the more traditional, 2-storey detached and semi-detached homes reside. Further south it gets more expensive and the 70s-based bungalow/ranch style and back/sidesplits dominate the landscape. Further west has a more “Meadowvale” feel in that its a bit of an interesting mix of everything but again super affordable.


School Quality

The curious case of the Erin Mills school zone is hopefully soon to be solved. A couple of years ago the Peel Board decided to close 5 schools due to declining enrollment and three of those schools fell in the Erin Mills neighbourhood (remember the good vs not so good pocket)? You’ll be happy to know that the areas I recommend are unaffected and actually house the #9 school in the city (Sheridan Park PS) in South Erin Mills and the respectable and consistent Sawmill Valley PS (#32) in North Erin Mills.


Walk + Drive

Unfortunately, even looking at the best pockets of this neighbourhood, it does suffer in terms of walkable amenities, access to most parts of Mississauga, and no really close GO station. However, Highways 403 and the QEW are easily accessible and a quick drive into Central Erin Mills gives you all the big box retail you’ll ever need.

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Sawmill Valley PS

Citing declining enrollment, the Peel Board decided to shut down three Erin Mills schools. Sawmill Valley is not one of them. In fact, this is probably the best pocket in all of Erin Mills and one of the best in the city for the growing family.
Full Sawmill Valley School Report

Brookmede PS

Students from King’s Masting were sent to Brookmede PS as of September 2014. King’s Masting scores were beginning to rapidly improve, so perhaps the merger and focus on the area will give Brookmede a shot in the arm as they sit just outside of the Top 50.

Garthwood Park PS

Garthwood Park has taken in students from Ashgrove PS, so their student population is sure to increase. With a school that’s already underperforming and ranked out of the Top 50, hopefully this acts as a positive catalyst for the school.

Sheridan Park PS

Sheridan Park dropped a couple of spots to #9 in the rankings, but otherwise has been fairly consistent and fully deserving of a Top 10 finish. Sheridan Park PS has a large French Immersion population (nearly 70% of its students) so access to it can be had by purchasing in the boundary or in other areas of Erin Mills (i.e. perhaps more affordable ones).
Full Sheridan Park School Report

Thorn Lodge PS

Thorn Lodge has performed at about the Peel average over the past five years. There are theories abound by why this school has performed lower than expected which center around its boundary map. You can contact me for more details, but as a general recommendation I usually steer my clients towards a couple of other pockets in the Erin Mills neighbourhood which I feel have better long-term growth potential.

Oakridge PS

A lot of discussion surrounds this school because its location would suggest that scores should be much, much stronger than they are. Oakridge PS is located in one of Mississauga’s most affluent neighbourhoods. However, its test scores are inconsistent and often outside of the Top 50.

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The Lifestyle

Life in Erin Mills is peaceful and quiet with lots of great parks and walking trails. The neighbourhood layouts in the north are a throwback to the days when kids could play street hockey with small crescents and courts tucked neatly away. The south is much older, open and more convenient for retail.

Who's Next Door?

A mix of young families and maturing families in the north with lots of empty-nesters in the south in the 40+ year old homes. With prices more expensive in the south, Sheridan is a move-up area while Erin Mills (the north) is the place for those looking for their affordable starter home. 

The Homes

Traditional and affordable 2-storey detached, semis, and towns are a great option for first-timers in the north of Erin Mills. Homes here are into their 30s but homeowners have kept them updated. In the south (Sheridan), the homes are very different and more expensive. 50+ year-old bungalows with larger lots are similar to the homes that dominate South Mississauga.

The Commute

Access to Hwy 403 for those in the North and the QEW for those in the South are the commuting options for residents of Erin Mills. The closest GO station is about 10-15 minutes away, so getting into Toronto will take longer for those relying on public transport.

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

On a Budget

You’re looking for a starter home.

Peace & Quiet

You enjoy a more peaceful, tranquil neighbourhood.

Park Ranger

You love parks and trails!

You Won't Want To IF...

Only the Newest

You are looking for a home and neighbourhood under 15 years old.

Commute, Commute

You need better access to the rest of Mississauga and Toronto by car or public transportation.

The Big Box Stores

You’re looking for easy access to big box stores and retail outlets. Though Sheridan Mall is undergoing a facelift!

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