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Cooksville – Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Where’s Cooksville Located? 

Cooksville is located in south-central Mississauga west of Applewood, south of Square One, east of Erindale and north of Mineola separated by the QEW. Cooksville has easy access to the QEW and Lakeshore Road and is home to a major GO station stop.

The Neighbourhood of Cooksville

Life in Cooksville is very convenient as it is situated right in the heart of Mississauga just south of Square One which boasts the majority of the city’s retail and entertainment amenities. Busy during the day, but quiet at night, Cooksville is a relic of the old Mississauga that is at times still trying to find its place in the increasing modernity of the city. 

There aren’t a lot of pockets in Cooksville that I would recommend unless you’re on a strict budget. However, there are a couple of pockets in the west of Cooksville that are fantastic. Stick to the Mavis/Dundas and a bit further south you have the Mavis/Queensway area that is often considered Mavis-Erindale. These are really attractive areas that are quite affordable that don’t come with the often negative reputation of its neighbour to the East.

Most of the new entrants to Cooksville are first-time home buyers and newer immigrants looking to start a family in Mississauga. Many are the older generation of immigrants that have occupied the area for over 30 years, raised their families, and have chosen to retire, renovate and stay in the area.

Cooksville Real Estate

With Cooksville real estate you’ll find a bit of everything. Condos and semis close to Square One, condo and freehold towns to the southwest near Dundas/Mavis and the traditional 2-storey homes south in the Mavis/Queensway area. Layouts and styles can feel a bit dated in some of the older homes, but a lot of residents have kept with the times and there are plenty of solid and affordable options.

Typical Cooksville 2-storey detached homes just south of Square One. Most of these were built in the 60s and 70s.


Cooksville is also one of the most affordable neighbourhoods for families looking to own their first home. The affordability is similar to that of Erin Mills or Erindale, so you’ll want to budget around $550K for a nice detached home.

Cooksville Schools

Heed my advice – stay west/southwest! This also applies to the schools! You’ll definitely want to avoid the schools in Central Cooksville. Its high school I believe is the worst-performing in Mississauga. However, on the west and southwest end you actually get into the fantastic Floradale PS which then puts you on course to Port Credit Secondary School which rates as one of the best in Mississauga!

Public Elementary Schools include:

*For information on Middle, Secondary or Catholics schools please contact me directly.

Commuting & Retail in Cooksville

Cooksville has one of the major GO Train station stops in all of Mississauga, so for those who work downtown, it’s your best alternative to driving from what can be a long distance in the centre of Mississauga. Public transportation and access to the rest of the city is great. This is one of Cooksville’s best features.

Pictured is the Cooksville GO station which is just north of Hurontario/Dundas. This is the main stop that Square One residents use to get to Union.


Is Cooksville Right For You?

Are you looking for an affordable freehold home close to the center of Mississauga with tons of public transportation options? Are you looking to get your child into a great high school? 

If yes, Cooksville may be a good landing spot for you and your family. From here you have three options:

1) Contact me directly with any other questions about Cooksville.

2) If you aren’t completely sure if Cooksville is for you, then let me match you with the right neighbourhood that fits your budget and lifestyle criteria by filling in the GTAWestLiving Lifestyle Match Form.

3) Or if you’re ready to get started you can fill in the form to start receiving MLS Listings.


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