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Overall Ranking: T-8th/19



Churchill Meadows is one of Mississauga’s youngest and fasting growing neighbourhoods. Young families are flocking here because of the availability of affordable homes and great schools. For many, this is Mississauga’s best “first home” neighbourhood as the real estate is generous and parks and schools are aplenty. Homes here sell relatively quickly as many homeowners see Churchill Meadows as the perfect mix for their needs.


School Quality

Churchill Meadows boasts two of the Top 25 elementary schools in the city. Churchill Meadows PS is the main English-track school and my clients RAVE about it! Along with top notch elementary schools it boasts two great middle schools (Erin Centre and Ruth Thompson) and an ever-improving high school (Stephen Lewis SS). Parents can rest assured that their children are receiving fantastic education at every level of school. That certainly makes settling into this neighbourhood all the more attractive.



Churchill Meadows is one of the most affordable neighbourhoods in Mississauga. You have a great mix of young, traditional homes that homeowners have maintained and updated. The other option Churchill Meadows has is the most affordable 3500+ sq.ft homes in Mississauga. Want to move your parents in or share the home with a sibling and family? The size of homes are huge and don’t break the bank like other neighbourhoods in the city.


Walk + Drive

Churchill Meadows has one of the poorer scores in the Mississauga because of its lack of public transportation options. Within the suburban logjam that can define the area, there is a real mix of walkable retail. However, that’s what you get when you move to a suburb and shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise. What Churchill Meadows does have is very easy access to every big box store possible and Highway 403 which takes you anywhere east or west in Mississauga. If you plan to live in Churchill Meadows, you’ll need a car.


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Oscar Peterson PS

As one of the largest schools in Mississauga, Oscar Peterson continues to excel each and every year as the FI-track school of Churchill Meadows…
Full Oscar Peterson School Report


McKinnon PS

McKinnon PS’s focus on early learning and the one-on-one attention it gives struggling students in Grade 1 to help them catch up to their peers is incredible. This has certainly helped them keep their place amongst a very, very tough batch of schools in Mississauga’s competitive EQAO environment…
Full McKinnon PS School Report

Churchill Meadows PS

Churchill Meadows PS has had a great 5 years, improving their EQAO scores by a whopping 19.5% in that same time span. My clients rave about the school and its community…
Full Churchill Meadows PS School Report


Artesian Drive PS

While Artesian Drive struggled out of the gate, they’ve since been extremely improved – scoring the 3rd largest positive increase in EQAO scores at a whopping 33.3% in the last five years. With the introduction of French Immersion, and the continuing maturity of Churchill Meadows, there’s reason to believe that Artesian Drive will quickly catch up with the rest of its classmates.

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The Lifestyle

With great schools, community centres and libraries, and tons of big box store retail, many people are moving to Churchill Meadows for the lifestyle convenience it provides. Churchill Meadows is a great family neighbourhood with lots of parks and as it matures what’s shaping up to be a friendlier and closer-knit community.

Who's Next Door?

Most of the new entrants are first-time home buyers looking to start a family in Mississauga. The rest are those that bought when the homes first built about 15-20 years ago. They’ve raised their families and are comfortable with the tranquility of the neighbourhood while enjoying its growth.

The Homes

For those looking for Churchill Meadows real estate that is under 25 years old, hurry up and get one of them because they’re selling like hotcakes in one of Mississauga’s youngest neighbourhoods! The average price has skyrocketed in the past couple of years, but it remains one of Mississauga’s most affordable neighbourhoods.

The Commute

Those in Churchill Meadows will feel a bit cut off as the only close highway is the 403. That allows you to hit Oakville easily or you can access the 401 east past Hurontario. GO stations are all within 10-15 minutes, but on busy days can add a significant chunk of time to your daily commute. It’s not the most ideal neighbourhood for those who need easy highway access or face long commute-times.

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

On a Budget

You want the most house for your money.

Great Schools

You are looking for GREAT schools for your children.

Community Focused

You enjoy being a part of the community and utilizing amenities like a community centre and library.

You Won't Want To IF...

Public Transportation

You are relying on public transportation or the GO.

The Big Backyard

You must have a big backyard; Lisgar homes don’t normally boast that feature.

Don't Have a Car

You want to be able to walk to all of the stores.

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