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Best Middle Schools in Mississauga

Check out the scores and profiles of the best middle schools in Mississauga in our “Top 5 Middle Schools in Mississauga” feature story.

The list hasn’t changed much, but there has been some jockeying for position. The Top 5 has cemented itself for the past few years now, but there are challengers that are consistently rising and pushing these schools to perform their best.


Located in the neighbourhood of Applewood, Tomken Road Middle school has been setting the bar for middle schools in Mississauga through creative programs that encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities as well as help improve academic scores. And, so once again, it comes as no surprise that they’ve retained their spot as the best middle school in Mississauga. 

They continue to get better and with special programs and a school vision unmatched in Peel, Tomken continues to attract lots of movers to Mississauga. The only issue with Tomken is that the secondary school it filters into, Applewood Heights SS, is often considered one of the weakest in the city. However, that shouldn’t take away from the incredible achievement the entire staff and student body have accomplished over the years.

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Located in the #1-ranked Lorne Park school zone, Hillcrest Middle School is another top achiever for the neighbourhood to boast about. Hillcrest Middle retains its stranglehold on the #2 spot in the rankings, but this school isn’t just about the books. Hillcrest also has an incredible athletic program and also four special education communication classes. Hillcrest Middle is a fantastic combination of academics, sport, and community.

While the Lorne Park neighbourhood is one of the least affordable neighbourhoods in Mississauga, prospective residents can at least take solace that Hillcrest does filter in from the more affordable Clarkson side of the boundary. That means that you can realistically get into both a great elementary and middle school at half the price just a few streets over in Clarkson. However, at the highschool level there is a large difference between Clarkson SS and the top-ranked Lorne Park SS.

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David Leeder Middle School is located in Meadowvale Village and it’s absolutely no surprise that they’ve held onto the #3 spot in Mississauga. All three of Meadowvale Village’s elementary schools are ranked in the Top 25 and those students continue to receive a great education at the middle school level.  

Meadowvale Village is one of the newest neighbourhoods in Mississauga (located in the north on the Brampton border) making David Leeder’s and its elementary schools’ strong rankings all the more impressive. Homes are affordable, amenities are aplenty, and the schools are great. What more could you ask for out of a neighbourhood? Go on give Meadowvale Village a look. There is one caveat however…

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Erin Centre Middle School is located in the neighbourhood of Churchill Meadows in Northwest Mississauga. Erin Centre has quickly risen through the ranks and once again has cemented a Top 5 ranking. Erin Centre serves as the French Immersion school for both Churchill Meadows and Central Erin Mills – two top school zones in Mississauga, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve developed and fostered a great culture of learning. 

As for Churchill Meadows itself, it’s a fantastic neighbourhood with plenty of affordable options for housing. In fact, I would say it has the overall best mix of housing types and prices in Mississauga while also balancing the needs of quality education. However, there are some hit and miss schools at the elementary level so ensure you talk to an expert before moving to the area.

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5. Green Glade

Green Glade is located in the neighbourhood of Clarkson-Lorne Park. Green Glade has had the biggest surge of any school in the past year and has jumped up into the #5 spot in the rankings for middle schools in Mississauga. One of Green Glade’s most attractive features is the extended French program it offers. In fact, Green Glade offers trips to both Ottawa and Quebec for its Grade 7 & 8 students every single year.

For those of you not yet familiar with the neighbourhood, Green Glade falls into the Clarkson side of this boundary although it’s located in the much more pricey area south of Lakeshore. However, this is a really fantastic neighbourhood filled with parks and trails to explore all year long. Green Glade is a fantastic choice for a middle school but keep in mind it does filter into Clarkson SS which doesn’t fair nearly as well as top-ranked Lorne Park SS. Again, you’ll want to talk to an expert to help with your decision to move into a specific school boundary.

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Before deciding to move into a specific school boundary you’ll want to speak to an expert about all the variables that go into such a big decision. You can reach out to us either by leaving a comment, sending an email, or giving us a call!

*Rankings are based solely on available EQAO data provided by the Peel District School Board.

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