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I’ve dubbed Applewood the “Etobicoke of Mississauga”. Located on the east end of Mississauga, these two areas sort of bleed into each other. Applewood is one of Mississauga’s most matures areas and more established families are making this their next “move up” neighbourhood. Many families are ditching less traditional homes and opting for the functionality of side and backsplits. These are better for entertaining and generally provide much better lot sizes for a growing family. However, Applewood’s poorer score comes from a less than ideal retail mix along with a backdrop of lower income apartment buildings.


Walk + Drive

Applewood is situated in one of the best areas in Mississauga.  The City Centre is just minutes away for work or play, the Dixie GO station is within a short drive for commuters to downtown, along with easy access to the QEW. The Dixie outlet mall is there for shopping and the area has no end in sight for all warehouse and liquidation bargains. On top of that, one of the more underrated parts of Applewood is its vast array of parks which are always filled with families.



Applewood is certainly an affordable area that provides a very good mix of every housing type. The issue for most buyers these days is that they’re looking for more turnkey properties. The owners that have invested in their homes are seeing a very nice ROI. However, if you can look past that ugly carpet from the 70s and the outdated kitchen, what you’ll see is great interior and lot sizes. If you’re comfortable upgrading your own then you can add your own flair and you will notice the jump in value that will hold despite Applewood not being Mississauga’s most desirable neighbourhood. 


School Quality

Applewood holds its on in terms of school quality. It has the very strong Burnhamthorpe PS rated #15 in Mississauga. It boasts the #1 middle school (Tomken Middle) and has one of Mississauga’s most intriguing high schools in Applewood SS which provides TONS of specialty programs for its students. Overall, you can feel pretty comfortable about the school quality in Applewood.

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Burnhamthorpe PS

It’s the regional French Immersion program and my clients have nothing but fantastic things to say about the school, its staff and its students.
Full Burnhamthorpe School Report

Silverthorn PS

Silverthorn had another solid 5-year increase and jumped up to a very impressive #27 in the rankings.
Full Silverthorn School Report

Forest Glen PS

While Forest Glen falls outside of our Top 50, they have increased their 5-year score by an impressive 21.4% in that same timespan. Things are looking up for the Applewood school and I expect them to continue on that trajectory.

Dixie PS

Dixie PS hasn’t quite caught up with its peers in terms of the EQAO. They have fallen behind in that regard and overall it’s not my primary recommendation for the neighbourhood of Applewood.

Brian W. Fleming PS

Brian W. Fleming came WELL outside of the TOP 50 schools in Mississauga. The good news is that Brian W. Fleming has shown some improvement over the past 5 years.

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Or read about Mississauga's Top 5 Middle Schools and Mississauga's Top 5 High Schools!


The Lifestyle

Applewood tends to do the same thing to new visitors – its charm sneaks up on you. Parks are aplenty and every evening in the summer they are bustling. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time to a time when everyone got out on their bikes and played on the street for hours until dinner.

Who's Next Door?

Applewood is a more mature, established neighbourhood with many long-time residesnts. There is a strong Eastern and Western European community similar to what you would find in Etobicoke. As a second-time buyer neighbourhood, the average family age tends to skew higher. 

The Homes

Applewood real estate has almost every style of home you can think of. The majority are 60/70s built bungalows and splits, but there are your more traditional 2-storey homes. Separate entrances and basement apartments are common as residents have built them in over the year to turn them into income properties.

The Commute

Located in the east end of Mississauga, it’s an easy commute for those wanting to stay close to all parts of Toronto with Dixie GO station just minutes away.

You'll Want To Live Here IF...

Commute, Commute

You want easy access to downtown Mississauga and Toronto.

Old School Homeowner

You’re looking for generous lot sizes, don’t mind some handywork, and aren’t afraid to invest.

Fully Developed

You are looking for a more mature, established area with a good community.

You Won't Want to IF...

On a Budget

You need a freehold home that’s also turn-key.

Only the Newest

You are looking for a newer, cookie-cutter, traditional neighbourhood.

Only The Very Best

You MUST have a Top 10 elementary school.

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