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Erindale – Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Erindale – Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Where’s Erindale Located? 

Erindale is located in west-central Mississauga west of Cooksville/Square One, south of Central Erin Mills, east of Erin Mills and north of Lorne Park separated by the QEW.

The Neighbourhood of Erindale

Erindale, although located north of the QEW, is similar to communities in the southern end of Mississauga as its split up amongst the very wealthy multi-million dollar homes that line the Credit Woodlands and the older, yet much more affordable classic ranch bungalows and 1970s 2-storey homes.

It’s almost like Erindale is its very own Clarkson-Lorne Park in terms neighbourhood extremes. That’s not to say Erindale isn’t a desirable neighbourhood for those who aren’t super wealthy. Quite the opposite in fact. Beautiful tree-lined streets, parks a-plenty, and rentable properties for the investor with U of T’s Mississauga campus at its front doorstep.

Erindale is home to the University of Toronto-Mississauga campus.

Life in Erindale is quiet and tranquil with access to lots of great parks and trails for families. In my opinion, Erindale is one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Mississauga defined by the beautiful area around the University of Toronto-Mississauga. Many families spend the weekends in the large, luscious space of Erindale Park. 

Erindale Park is one of the largest parks in Mississauga. There is lots of space for picnics and games as well as trails to walk or bike through.

Erindale Real Estate

As mentioned above, there is a bit of a class struggle in Erindale real estate. You have the pockets of luxury, million dollar homes and then the classic detached and semi-detached ranch bungalows and 1970s 2-storey homes. There are also pockets of affordable townhomes and condo townhomes scattered throughout.

Affordability in these latter areas is still fantastic and you can definitely get into a turn-key property for quite a lot less than you could in other neighbourhoods of Mississauga.

One of the many luxury homes scattered around the gorgeous neighbourhood of Erindale.


Erindale has a large mix of families. The wealthy area with custom homes that line the Credit Woodlands has highly-educated professionals and their maturing families while the older areas have a lot of empty-nesters as their families have grown with the neighbourhood in the past 30+ years.

Erindale Schools

In terms of the school zone, Erindale’s “Woodlands” performs well, but the two top schools are located in the more expensive part of Erindale. Those would be Hawthorn PS (ranked #17) and Ellengale PS (ranked #11) in the TOP 25 Schools in Mississauga. In the more affordable and realistic areas of Erindale, you’re looking at a more average ranking, but when it comes to Mississauga that’s still quite good!

Public Elementary Schools include:

*For information on Middle, Secondary or Catholics schools please contact me directly.

Commuting & Retail in Erindale

For commuters to downtown, there is a GO station ideally located within Erindale (aptly named Erindale GO). Outside of that, it’s a bit of a trek to your normal big box outlets and you’re sort of isolated from the rest of the city based on the way the neighbourhood is shaped. This may be great for some looking for a more quiet, tranquil neighbourhood while still relatively close to Square One. 

For car commuters, Highway 403 is accessible in the north part of Erindale while at the very southern tip of Erindale is access to the QEW through Mississauga Road.


The Erindale GO station received a major facelift in 2013 when a 1500-space parking garage was added. It also added a new bus loop, a new pick-up and drop-off area, a covered pedestrian bridge to the station tracks, and pedestrian and bicycle pathways throughout.

The Erindale GO station received a major facelift in 2013 when a 1500-space parking garage was added. It also added a new bus loop, a new pick-up and drop-off area, a covered pedestrian bridge to the station tracks, and pedestrian and bicycle pathways throughout.

Is Erindale Right For You?

Are you looking for a quiet, tranquil neighbourhood that’s a bit off the beaten path? Are you looking for a neighbourhood with lots of parks and trails? How about one that boasts some of the nicest, most luxurious homes in Mississauga? 

If yes, Erindale may be a good landing spot for you and your family. From here you have three options:

1) Contact me directly with any other questions about Erindale.

2) If you aren’t completely sure if Erindale is for you, then let me match you with the right neighbourhood that fits your budget and lifestyle criteria by filling in the GTAWestLiving Lifestyle Match Form.

3) Or if you’re ready to get started you can fill in the form to start receiving MLS Listings.


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